Transmission shafts

Our transmission shaft technology is widely used in high performance applications. As well as being lightweight, composites are extremely strong which means the transmission shafts are scalable, resulting in a subsequent further weight savings.

Transmission shafts, for instance, can be found in a manual transmission gearbox. The purpose of a transmission gearbox is to transfer the high output of an automobile’s engine to the wheels, and in the process reduce it to a compatible speed. The gearbox does this through a complex arrangement of gears and shafts.  The automobile’s engine crankshaft turns and creates power. This mechanical energy must first go through the transmission before it eventually reaches the wheels. The first component to receive this energy is the input shaft.  It can be engaged or disengaged through the mechanism of the clutch. Typically in a rear-wheel drive car, the input shaft is designed to lay along the same line as the output shaft, forming what seems like a singular component that is sometimes called main trasmission shaft.

Officine Meccaniche Cinotti Srl is able to make all mechanical manufacturing which are necessary to the realization of your drive shafts through modern and innovative production technologies.

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