Know-how + investments + precise manufacturing = high quality results.

Officine Meccaniche Cinotti Srl is able to make all mechanical manufacturing which are necessary to the realization of your drive shafts through modern and innovative production technologies.

The optimization of the productive process and investments in technology allow us to achieve a great punctuality in the deliveries. Every 6 months the deliveries’ respect is verified and improvement plans may be released.

Here below you can deepen your knowledge about our typical productive process of a drive shaft, or you can see the manufacturing typologies that our firm is able to realize, and the relative maximum and minimum diameters and lengths.

Here is how the productive process of a typical drive shaft is carried out step by step inside our firm.

Centering machine
CNC lathe
CNC gear hobbing machines with islands
CNC straightening machine with robotised island
Qass system which points out any cracks during the straightening process
CNC external grinding

We are particularly proud of our cracks and micro-cracks detection system and successive correction, which guarantees a very high quality and uncommon output.

These are the manufacturing we are able to realize. Our firm is specialized in long and thin drive shafts, so the manufacturing we offer – including treated dimensions – reflects this peculiarity.

Cutting 12-100 70-2000
CNC centering post 12-100 100-2000
CNC lathes 12-100 70-2000
CNC lathing island 20-50 200-2500
CNC gear hobbing machines 12-100 8 70-2000
CNC straightening machine 12-80 100-2000
CNC grinding 12-100 100-2400