Privacy safeguard



Following the art.13 of the Law Decree of June 30, 2003 n.196 “Code regarding the protection of personal data” (from now on “D.Lgs 196/03”), we inform you that the personal data you have given to Cinotti Srl will be able to be treating object, in the respect of the norm here above and the secrecy obligations.
Under treatment of personal data is intended their gathering, recording, organization, conservation, elaboration, modification,selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection,  block, communication, diffusion, cancellation and destruction.
The data will be treated for goals which are connected to the mutual obligations derived by the contractual relationship with you, in particular the data are, or can be treated, even for the following goals:

  • execution of the obligations contained in the current contract with the person concerned (physical/juridical person);
  • realization of all the operative and administrative activities regarding such contract (for ex. invoicing, credit safeguard, other administrative, managerial and organizative services which function to the execution of the contract);
  • statistical survey on the customer’s satisfaction rate;
  • communications of commercial initiatives promoted by Cinotti Srl.

The treatment of the data will occur through adequate instruments which guarantee security and secrecy, and can be done through automatised instruments also, which are able to memorize, manage and transmit the data.
We inform you also, that personal data related to you will be treated respecting the modalities which are indicated in the art.11 of D.Lgs  n.196/2003, that includes the data to be:

  • licitly and correctly treated;
  • gathered and recorded for determined, explicit and licit goals, and used in other operations of the treatment in terms that are compatible with other goals;
  • exact and, if necessary, updated;
  • pertinent, complete and not exceeding compared to the goals for which they have been gathered or successively treated;
  • conserved in a form which allows the identification of the person concerned for a period of time which cannot be superior to the necessary one, to the goals for which they have been gathered or successively treated.

We inform you also, that (attested the request of your acceptance in the cases observed by the law) the personal data which are given to us can be communicated to:

  • Cinotti Srl;
  • the subjects (public administrations, Authorities and banks) to which is appropriate to keep in touch for the execution of the relationship with you;
  • the subjects to whom (depending on the circumstances) the communication and diffusion of personal data is allowed without the concerned person’s permission, within the communication and diffusion limits which are necessary to the goal;
  • commercial partners of the Firm;
  • other subjects to whom delivery, communication, documents, sealed  envelopes, packages sending services are entrusted, also of commercial or advertisement nature.

We still inform you that regarding the mentioned treatments, you have the rights reported in the art. 7 of the D.Lgs n.196/2003, which whole text is available in the offices of the writing Firm.

As reported in the art. 13, comma 1, lett. c) of the D.Lgs n.196/2003, we inform you that any refusal of supply of the data we require by the gathering can involve the objective impossibility for the writing to establish or regularly lead a contractual relationship with you.

Finally, we inform you the Owner of the data treatment, in conformity to the D.Lgs 196/2003, is Cinotti Srl, with legal location in Porretta Terme, Province of Bologna, Via I Maggio n.90, POST CODE 40046.

The updated list of the Responsible persons of the data treatment analyzed in this informative note can be consulted by Cinotti Srl, in Porretta Terme, Province of Bologna, via I Maggio n.90, POST CODE 40046; the rights reported in the art. 7 of D.Lgs 196/2003 can be exercised through specification via fax to n. +39.0534.30095 or via the following email address:

The Owner of the Treatment
Cinotti Srl